Hexylene Glycol (HG)

Hexylene Glycol is a colourless liquid organic compound with a characteristic sweet odour. It is viscous and miscible with the most common organic solvents, fatty acids and water.

Molecular Formula : C6H14O2

Hexylene Glycol is low-evaporating solvent with complete water solubility. It is mainly used as a surfactant or emulsifying agent. Hexylene Glycol is widely used in the coating industry as a component for lacquers, varnishes, printing inks and both oil and water-based paints. It is also as an inert ingredients in pesticide formulations, as a solvent in dyes preparations, as a coupling agent for hydraulic fluids in the automotive industry, as a wetting agent, as an anti-caking agent for cement and siliceous derived industries, as a setting agent in the manufacture of textiles, and as a component in cosmetics, industrial and household cleaners, antifreeze solutions, and intermediate for the synthesis of pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals.