Sodium Dimethyl Dithiocarbamate (SDMC)

Sodium dimethyldithiocarbamate is scaly white crystal, easily soluble in water, the crystallization method of crystallization crystallization water containing 2.5 molecules, lose 2 molecular crystal water when heated to 115 ºC, 130 ºC completely lose crystal water.

Molecular Formula : C3H6NNaS2

Sodium Dimethyl dithiocarbamate mainly used preservatives for metalworking fluids, paints, coatings, adhesives, cloth and paper. Sodium Dimethyl dithiocarbamate can also act as antifoulants in variety of aqueos system such as industrial cooling water, air washer water, process water, etc.

– Industrial wastewater treatment
– Sugar industry
– Chemical industry
– Heavy metals removal and metals precipitator.
– Paper pulp Industry
– Biocide products as fungicide
– Polymerization Inhibitors
– Accelerator for caoutchouc vulcanization, butybenzene rubber agent.

Packsize : 25 Kg
Packaging : Sack