Tributyl Phosphate (TBP)

Tributyl phosphate (TBP) is a colorless, odorless organophosphorus compound.

Molecular Formula : C12H27O4P

Tributyl phosphate (TBP) defoamer is a plasticizer for nitrocellulose, cellulose acetate, chlorinated rubber and polyvinyl chloride, rare metal extractant. It is soluble in many organic solvents. Due to its low surface tension, it is hardly soluble in water and can be used as an industrial defoamer, effectively defoaming the formed foam film in an unstable state.

• Defoamer is paints, emulsions, adhesives, petroleum drilling, paper making industry, detergents and ethylene glycol-based antifreezes
• Hydrometallurgical extraction and purification of rare earth metals from the ores
• Solvent for inks, resins, gums and adhesive
• Plasticizer for nitrocellulose and cellulose acetate
• Nonflammable constituent for hydraulic fluids
• increasing the film stability of oil-based lubricants
• Herbicides, pesticides and fungicides
• Wetting improvement in mercerizing liquids in textile applications

Packsize : 200 Kg
Packaging : Drum