LUG specialize in modification & customization broom as requested. Our brush is made using synthetic fiber, highly durable for extreme usage. Our stick is made using metal which means is not easily broken.

  • Effective and practical indoor broom.
  • Ideal for cleaning house and office floor.
  • durable and strong bristles that can withstand tough jobs

Product Data Sheet

1. Broom Stick

Material Steel
Length 1050 mm
Diameter 205 mm

2. Broom Head

Material PET
Length 230 mm
Width 35 mm
Height 65 mm

3. Bristle

Material Filament
Visible bristle length 115 mm
Diameter 0,35 mm

4. Packaging & Delivery

Single Gross Weight One Carton/30 pcs
Single Package Size 1100 x 290 x 280
Single Gross Weight 5 kg

5. Every part of the broom can

be custom coloured