p-Chlorocresol is a monochlorinated m-cresol. It is a white or colorless solid that is only slightly soluble in water. As a solution in alcohol and in combination with other phenols, it is used as an antiseptic and preservative . It is a moderate allergen for sensitive skin.

Molecular Formula : C7H7ClO

For the preservation of thickener solutions, adhesives (including protein-based formulations), concrete additives, metalworking fluids, textile print thickeners, leather etc. p-Chlorocresol of disinfectants for use in hospitals, doctor’s offices, industry, institutions and sheds.

The product has a broad and very balanced spectrum of activity covering Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, mould and yeast. Particularly effective against putrefactive bacteria and therefore suitable for use in products which are difficult to preserve (e.g. protein-based formulations).

• Concrete additive
• Construction material
• Cosmetics
• Fungicidal treatment of bitumen isolation coverings
• Fungicidal treatment of construction material
• Material protection

Packsize : 25 Kg
Packaging : Sack